DevonARTzure Oct 2023 Art Archive

Time flies and it’s time for another monthly art recap? Damn. This month, I feel is solely dedicated to complete my Comifuro convention merch catalog since I need to catch up with schedule for printing with manufacturers.

I have this itch that when I draw certain characters from a set, I wanted to draw them all especially for merch. So that’s what I mostly did this month.

Also I get to complete my original character LINE stickers, more discussed here and below!

GWS, more Nijisanji ex-ID Art

I managed to draw more art of 6WS generation of Nijisanji ex-ID, but at what cost? Their graduations are still months ahead except Hyona, but I wanted to print their designs on time for Comifuro (and maybe 19ColorsFest if I can attend it) to share with other Nijisanji ex-ID fans so I speedrun through it.

6WS is actually the first generation that I managed to watch all their debuts live, and it was interesting to see the direction each of them grows to. Again, wishing each and every one of them all the best for their future plans.

Holoctober, but not really

Last year I managed to keep up to day 15 of drawing Holoctober daily of one fullbody chibi illustration. This year, I just be realistic and aware I can’t keep up, haha. I focused drawing three more HoloID members to complete the set of last year me drawing already the other members.

Continuing a set made last year is a little tricky – I don’t feel my style has changed as much, but drawing in a rush to finish one illustration a day shows some inconsistencies with body proportions and colorings. I tried my best to adjust them to match their genmate counterparts. I wanted to draw more of the HoloEN and HoloJP members, but hopefully next time I can catch up!

Genshin Archons Set

This is also one of the series I made two years ago, and seeing the Genshin cast has grown and more Archons characters introduced, I wanted to draw more to complete it. I felt there are some inconsistencies and Zhongli in particular looks a bit more plain than the others due to lack of hair accessories haha, but I’m glad I finally get to see them all  lined up together.

The ones I draw before are Venti and Zhongli, while the new ones are Raiden, Nahida, and Furina. I enjoyed drawing the girls’ hairstyles! I wonder if others notice the differences – it’s quite a dilemma between feeling not sure what I’ve improved on over the years, while also feeling my art has slightly changed.

Kokoba LINE Stickers Release

One of the things I’m excited to accomplish this year is finally releasing Kokoba LINE chat app stickers! I know many of my friends don’t use LINE as much anymore and moved to Whatsapp or Discord, but it’s still one of my favorite chat apps and I enjoyed collecting the shop stickers to use in chat – so I wanted to have my own there too.

I felt quite intimidated before of the process, but I finally decided to give it a try and also make these as stickers for Comifuro as a way to introduce my character Kokoba out there more. I hope others will enjoy using them in chats too! It makes me happy when I see my friends using it.

The rest of updates this month is finally the release of my Comifuro catalog – printing and shipping have been greatly challenging but I hope things will go well. Do check out my catalog, shares and visits will be greatly appreciated!

Kinder World, the Wellbeing App

Lastly, I’m excited that my illustration for Kinder World app has been posted on the official account! Featuring the adorable Samy and the cute plants, this was a pleasure to work on.

Kinder World app is a wonderful wellbeing and self-care app where you can grow cute plants, send and receive kind letters, decorate your room, and more – personally I’ve been enjoying the kindhearted letters I saw from the community and growing the plants to watch them grow is a pretty relaxing process as the graphics are well made too. I do recommend checking out the app and excited for its future developments! 

Stream Channel Point Redeems

I haven’t get to stream as much lately due to the Comifuro preparations – but I’m glad I still managed to sneak in some time to do so! I worked on channel point redeem art gifts for my Twitch community, this one is drawing Kageyuki Shiraishi from Collar x Malice game for my friend Kirara! I’ll be drawing full body chibi illustrations with redeems of 50,000 channel points on my Twitch channel, and it’s still an ongoing thing to join in where you can get the points by viewing or subscribing to the stream! There’s still others to work on I’ll work to complete next month!

Phew, and those are the projects and stuff I managed to get done on this month! Hopefully next month now that my convention catalog is done, I can work on more personal and other projects. Thank you for taking your time reading this far! Have a nice day!

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