Art Summary of 2022!

One of the things I do in December, and I know many artists who do this as well, is to make an art summary! It’s a fun thing to do to look back what I did each month through the year, and can be a way to reflect through my art journey.

Here’s mine for the year of 2022:

I did a lot of commission work this year, hence I did not have that much option for some months and I want to focus picking the art I did for myself for this kind of summary.

Since things got pretty busy and some unfortunate things happen at the latter half of the year, I feel it greatly impacted how I do things that I did not put much work on backgrounds, so that I’m pretty guilty about. On one hand, I feel I’m getting more stable in drawing chibis, though hopefully, next year I’ll get more chance to explore and do more variety.

Here’s how it went through the year and the reasons I picked these art to represent each month:

January – the beginning of the Vtuber hellhole, me watching Luxiem from Nijisanji EN debut, hahaha. I did some draw together streams with friends and it became a ‘tradition’ for the next wave debuts, which is a lot of fun!

February – I am still in Genshin mode so I draw Yae Miko. Her burst animation is so cool okay! Though sadly, she has yet to come home for me until now.

March – I did a celebration of 500 followers on Twitch by drawing my friends’ characters as ‘Kokoba’ – my blob mascot!

April – I want Kamisato Ayato to come home so bad, I made a challenge to add a boba tea to my stream screen every time I failed to pull Ayato on the gacha. He thankfully came home and drew this to celebrate!!!

May – Drawing HololiveID chibis since this is the first wave I watched the debut streams for. I wanted to draw the other waves too in similar matching format but haven’t get to finish the work in progress. Hopefully next year!

June – I made a new design for my character, since I wanted to update my character’s outfit and hairstyle to be less plain. Officially I posted this on August on my birthday stream, but I started working on it from June. I only managed to make a PNGtuber of this version, but I hope I get to make the Live2D version too.

July – ILUNA debut! I love Maria Marionette’s design! This is part of another draw together stream with friends. This time we had more people than last time and it was fun! I also did one for Noctyx but I decided to pick other art for that month.

August – I feel one of the longest art project I work on this year, where I draw all Nijisanji ex-ID livers. It’s super satisfying to see them all done though! It showed up for a bit in ZEA’s Into Reality JP ver. video, and I also printed them as stickers to give as freebies for Nijisanji ex-ID related booths on Comifuro.¬†

September – I discovered FPS gaming and tried it out for the first time in my life to play Valorant. I feel it changed me as a person, who knows for the better or worse, hahaha. I like Killjoy’s design and using her in game for the satisfaction defeating an enemy through grenade or turret since my aim is sad (though am I good at it or not is another story, haha).

October – I tried participating in Holoctober from Iofi, but sadly could only made it halfway to day 15. At the same time, I’m pretty proud of past me for managing to draw a colored full body each day for two weeks. I already planned the characters to draw for the other prompts though, so maybe next year I’d continue the rest!

November – Drawing for Miyu Ottavia from Nijisanji ex-ID for her graduation and submitted it for the Ottapia HQ project ;w; still makes me pretty sad to watch the live graduation :”) I hope she’s doing well whatever she’s doing now!

December – I drew Lazulight from Nijisanji EN for the Twitter fanart submission. I had tears in my eyes in the morning while finishing it quite last minute hahaha :’)

In comparison, here’s my art summary last year for 2021:

I feel last year I get to do more variety and at least more backgrounds hahaha, mostly I feel I was drawing lots of fanart and did not take as many commissions or doing¬† less streams than this year. What will I draw next year more of? Let’s see how the future will take me.

In any case, I’m very grateful I still have the opportunity to draw each month, and to meet new wonderful people in the community. Here’s wishing for good things for next year, and for you too. Take care and thanks for reading through this random ramblings of mine!

BONUS - Free Art Summary Template!

I got some suggestions and saw some people doing similar thing of sharing their art summary template, so I want to share mine as well! You can get it for free on my Ko-fi page in PNG & PSD format you can customize on your own. Feel free to use, I ask that credit to be given to me and you can also tag me so I can check out your account too! Enjoy!

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