Convention Events

I enjoy designing merchandise and I have joined some convention events where I can open booth to bring them to others! It’s a lot of fun, and I’m glad I tried it out. I began opening booth with friends on 2015, and after that I joined some more other conventions in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. I have gone under the circle name of Ladder Bros, SADO Circle, Devonazure Tralala, or Mbol Circle. Looking forward to attend more conventions in the future!

Next Boothing Events at:

Chibicon - Sunday, 18 August @ SMESCO
and hopefully Comifuro 19 lol

Past Events

  • Comifuro 6 – Comifuro 14 Jakarta
  • Comifuro 16-17 ICE BSD
  • Comifuro Virtual 1 & 2 – 2021
  • Anime Festival Asia ID 2016, 2017, 2019, 2024 Pickup order
  • Doujima Singapore 2019, 2023 Pickup order, 2024
  • Comic Fiesta Malayisa 2017
  • Kira Kira Art Market 2024
  • Cocoma Day 2024
  • Creators Super Fest ID
  • NeoComicFest ID
  • OTPCon & Mini OTPCon
  • NeoComicFest ID
  • Born to Make History – Yuri on Ice Only event, Singapore
  • Mercon Summer Festival 2023
  • Saikaibutai
  • BIJAC no Tanjoiwai
  • Undokai
  • Shonen All Stars

My first booth at Comifuro 6 with Ladder Bros in 2015! We started with one table and it was my first time designing merchandise. We made a bunch of mistakes but learned a lot. I had fun! It’s always nostalgic to see how we first got started.

Our booth at Anime Festival Asia (AFAID), together with SADO Circle and Ladder Bros.

It’s our first time having this kind of corporate booth-like setup, very nervous but it was a great experience! It was a surreal to see how much space we use compared to our first table.

One of the most memorable overseas event is joining Yuri on Ice Only Event in Singapore. It was exciting to see a special event for one fandom and to see the love for the series!

My other overseas event was in Doujima Singapore 2019, and Comic Fiesta Malaysia 2017.