Zine Projects

Zine projects typically refer to projects where various artists can collaborate together to create artwork of a certain theme. It usually refers to an artbook, but can also cover a bundle set with other types of merchandise such as keychains, stickers, and more. Here are showcase of the zine project I’ve been part of! These projects have been completed so most of the time not for sale anymore and I do not have the stock with me, so they are mostly for portfolio showcase.

Digital Wallpapers

Fanzine project to showcase crossover ideas between Genshin Impact and Pokemon worlds.

Stickers & Print

Children activity book package styled zine project, focused on Eri from My Hero Academia.

Keychain & Page Margin

Travel-themed fanzine project, featuring the pair Asahi and Noya from Haikyuu series.

Buttons / Pin

Crossover fanzine project between My Hero Academia and Haikyuu series. I made four circular button designs.

Digital Wallpapers

Project to celebrate Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu. I designed desktop and mobile wallpapers of him.


Wedding-themed zine about My Hero Academia. I designed a heart keychain with different images on each side.

Pokemon Geographic

Art page

Magazine-style fanzine to celebrate various regions in Pokemon series. I drew Lilycove Dept. Store of Hoenn.


Fanzine project featuring the game Identity V. I drew stickers featuring my favorite outfit skins in the game.


Sequel of the other Identity V fanzine, these stickers are also based on my other favorite outfit skins in the game.


Fanzine of various ships and interactions of Ochako with other characters. I drew her with Todoroki.

Summer Fashion


Summer fashion-themed Arknights bundle zine project, I drew stickers from the ingame skin designs.

More will be updated here, stay tuned!

If you have interest in having me for a zine project that you think I will be suitable at, feel free to contact me!