Hello there!

I'm Devonazure.

Welcome! You can call me or Dev! I’m an artist who enjoys drawing cute things, and also a streamer who enjoys art & gaming streams. I open commissions for chibi illustrations and streaming assets such as emotes, overlays, chibi Live2D, and more! I also work on merch designs, zine projects, and open booths in convention events.

Feel free to check out the stuff I do on this page, and you can contact me for inquiry or if you have other questions about my work!


You can also view more of my art on my Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr and follow them for latest updates.

Check out some of the stuff I do!


I enjoy designing cute merchandise from keychains, wallets, sticker books, and more. My merch are available for mail delivery, in Tokopedia online shop, and I also open booths in convention events!

Streaming & Videos

I stream art & gaming on Twitch, typically 1-2 times per week at night GMT+7 timezone. Come say hello!

I also post VOD clips, art timelapse and video shorts about games I enjoy to share on YouTube and Tiktok.

Commission Services

I open commission work for chibi illustrations and streaming assets (emotes, panels, chibi Live2D, etc.) – please check out my terms of service and info before placing an order!

Current status: closed

Other Projects

Merchandise Designs

Check out my merchandise designs gallery and shop information to get the merch! Orders currently available for Indonesia through order form and Tokopedia, and for global orders can contact me for inquiry to check for available shipping options.

Convention Events

I’ve joined various convention events in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and online events under the circle name of Ladder Bros, SADO Circle, or Devonazure Tralala since 2015. Check out my upcoming schedule, preorder and catalogs info here!

LINE Chat Stickers

Use digital stickers of my original character chibi emotes and my mascot Kokoba to add fun in your chat in LINE chatting app! There are total 3 sets of stickers!

Downloadable Assets

Check out my Ko-fi shop for free asset files and more stuff, such as streaming overlays and art summary templates – hopefully I get to make more in the future and will update them here!

Zine Projects

Check out the online zine projects I have participated in before! I took part in designing art pages and merchandise such as keychains, stickers, and more. Feel free to contact me for zine collaborations!

My Portfolio

Showcase of some client work I have done from illustrations to stream asset designs! Thank you for trusting me!