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Current status: CLOSED

For urgent projects with specific schedule and timeline, it will be open for discussion. Due to my varying day work schedule, I sincerely apologize that I’m currently unable to give exact time estimate for new slots opening and slot availability will be subject to change. However please be rest assured for projects that are paid for and I have agreed to start working on, they will follow the agreed schedule. Requests are not taken on first come first serve basis.

Joining the waiting list is free with no need for any booking payment – and you are free to let me know to cancel anytime before I start on your order, it’s okay! Feel free to ask questions and discuss things beforehand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read through this page for terms and conditions, as well as my sample work and description of my services. By placing an order, you agree to these terms and styles shown in my previous work.

If you have any questions or confusion that are not covered in my site, feel free to contact me for further information!

✅ Things I can DO:

  • OC (Original character)
  • Fanart (anime/manga/game character etc.)
  • Drawing based on photo
  • Simple animals (depends on animal type, can ask first)
  • Simple frame animations (can check my samples)
  • Simplified backgrounds (refer to my samples)
  • Specializes in cute, chibi style with soft colors

⛔ Things I DON'T work on:

  • Complex outfit / backgrounds
  • Mecha / robots / machine vehicles
  • Furry / complex animals
  • NSFW, sensitive, or gore content
  • Motion graphics / complex animation
  • Realism style
  • Imitating or copying someone else’s style
  • NFT or AI-related content

Payment Terms

  • Payment is full upfront.
    Half payment can be an option only for invoice $100 and above (50% first, the rest 50% after approved sketch concept + base colors). 
  • Personal use pricing: social media post / profile picture, printing for personal use (not sold or mass produce), and indie streaming OK.
  • Commercial use such as for corporate use, merchandise printing, game assets, etc. will have extra fees starting from +100% base price for digital use, and +200% for merchandising use. Feel free to message me to confirm.
  • Private use will be +100% base price for commissions which I will not post them anywhere online or use it as part of my portfolio.
  • Please do not pay before I accept your order. No refunds or cancellation after payment, unless I agree that I am unable to complete the order.

Payment Options

How to Order

  1. Fill in my form, or contact me on Twitter / Instagram / Contact page if you have some questions or need further discussion.
  2. I will review the submission and may ask some questions to confirm the requirements when I am ready to review your order. 
  3. Once I agree to accept and start the order, I will send an invoice listing the total price.
  4. After payment, I will start working on the commission and share progress to check with you regularly.
  5. After final confirmation of the finished files, the order will be considered complete and revisions will count as extra charges.


  • Please have your requirements ready to take a commission slot (list of items to order, image references etc.) so I can estimate the time better and for smoother process to save time for both of us. 


  • Filling in the form does not mean your order is automatically accepted – as I have the right to refuse commission requests I do not feel comfortable or confident with.
  • I do not accept requests to work to imitate or change to a different style from my portfolio.
  • I have the right to work on other projects on the time between working on your commission.
  • The order list is not always first come first serve basis. I may need to arrange which order can be done first within the timeframe I have and my available schedule may be subject to change, but I will do my best to work on the inquiries I get as soon as possible.
  • Please do not rush me as I may take several working days to work on inquiries, however do feel free to remind me after some time to confirm your request status or reach me through other ways of contact.

Thank you for understanding.

Order Process

  • Progress Updates

    Please check your message regularly to ensure a smoother process. I will keep you updated regularly to check if it is okay with you before I continue to further steps. If I do not hear back from you, I may pause the progress to avoid miscommunication.

  • File Formats

    Pricing is for digital file only, in raster/pixel file, not vector files. It will be PNG for illustration, GIF for reactive animation, mp4 for screen animation, PSD for separated layers file. No physical goods or other file format to be delivered unless arranged to discuss beforehand.

  • Revisions

    Up to 3 major revisions are allowed in sketch phase. Additional major revisions that greatly change from initial request will have extra fees and can count as a new order. Revisions and changes request made 7 days after final delivery of files will be charged as new additional order. Please check the files thoroughly once sent.

  • Timeframe

    Depending on commission type and complexity, it may take from 3 working days to 2-4 weeks. Schedule and availability of each commission may vary due to changing my day work schedule. Please check with me first for projects with specific deadline or rush orders.

Posting & Usage Terms

  • Portfolio use

    I will still retain rights to the artwork made. I have the permission to post them in my social media/ site/ stream for portfolio use. By default, I may post the work once the final files are sent.

    If you don't want me to stream the work or post the finished work online, or if you want me to post only after a certain date, please inform me from the start.

    Fully private commissions I can't use as portfolio to post will have extra charge.

  • Credits

    When you're using the finished work such as posting it online in social media, credit link should be given to me as devonazure - you can direct the link to this page, or one of my social media (Instagram / Twitch / Twitter preferred).

  • Use of Commission Work

    Please do not claim or credit the artwork as your own creation, or use it outside the scope agreed in the order.

    Do not sell the artwork to other parties or marketplace, sell the art as merchandise, use it for AI tools, or use it for other commercial use such as NFT, unless it has been agreed by me in the initial request.

Thanks for reading!
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