About Me

Here’s my character design reference sheet! The blue blob is my pet mascot called Kokoba

Nice to meet you, I'm Dev!

I’m an artist and streamer from Indonesia. I love boba tea and cute things! I hope I can bring joy to others through my work!

I enjoy drawing chibis and cute themed artwork, both in original and fanart work from series and characters that I love such as Genshin Impact, Haikyuu, and more. I enjoy designing merchandise as well!

I stream my art drawing process and also variety gaming streams. I love chill and casual games with cute graphics in particular and fun co-op games to play with friends!

For commission, collaboration for streaming, zine projects, or other business/ project inquiry, feel free to contact me!

Where to find me:

Here are list of social media accounts I’m available on!

Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook page 

Twitch | Youtube | Tiktok

Ko-fi | Throne Gifts | Sociabuzz | Trakteer | Saweria | Fiverr

Stream schedule:
9PM & above, GMT+7 on Twitch, usually 1-2 times a week.
I usually announce events or schedule on Twitter.

Art hashtag
Feel free to draw my character and tag me with hashtag or mention me!

Drawing tools used
Medibang Paint, Wacom Intuos

Terms about my posts:
– Please do not edit or use my art without permission.
– Using as icons on social media (except commission work) is okay, but please give credit with link/tag to any of my accounts.
– Please do not repost my art without permission, you can share link from my social media instead to share with others

Thank you for understanding!