DevonARTzure August 2023 Art Archive

Heya! I’ve decided to add a new type of blog post here- monthly art archive post! (Or it may not be monthly, depending how much stuff I get to draw on that month, hehe.)

I’m still going through my commission waitlist and while some of them I can’t post yet until the client publishes them, I’m trying my best to get through both commissions, merch preparations for Comifuro, and doing streams!

I wanted to make an archive to easily find latest stuff I made since it might get cluttered on my social media or get drowned by the algorithm. You can also subscribe to get notified by email when I make new posts using the tiny form on the sidebar (or below if on mobile)!

Nikke Fanart

This month I decided to draw fanart chibis my favorite Nikke: Goddess of Victory characters! I didn’t expect to stick around the game this long to be honest, but I’m pretty engaged with the stories and characters so far, with also fun union raid and co-op with friends.

This month I was experimenting a bit with lineart colors and eye coloring, in case you’re wondering if something feels different! I usually use the same one color for all lineart in a drawing, but I’ve been curious to try to change subtle colors to make the colors more vibrant. Still getting the hang of it but I hope it works!

I plan to make these into stickers for events, though I am not sure about the interest on the fandom yet so I might open preorder for interest check. 

Nijisanji ex-ID Fanart

This month I’m drawing another two Nijisanji ex-ID graduation fanart 🙁 Featuring Nara and Azura. I’ve drawn this similar format for the other graduated Nijisanji ex-ID streamers before to match, but at this rate if I do get to draw everyone at what cost it means more graduations…

There’ll still be Hyona and Reza too next month 🙁 Well it’s a sad farewell but also the end of an era, I do also feel happy for them with their decisions and future plans, and wishing them all the best!

For Nara I wanted to make the theme of her singing with her fans cheering on with lightsticks, since I remember most of her lovely voice. For Azura, the theme was since she mentioned she will have both real and vtuber graduation so I added a graduation hat and felt her casual outfit will be more fitting to the theme.

Original Character Design

For this month I also completed some new designs and art for my birthday + anniversary stream event (I talked more about it in another post here.) like new starting screen, post announcement image, new transition stingers animation, etc. I initially planned to design a new outfit/costume for my character but I didn’t have enough time to prepare it for that date, so I will spend more time to decide on it. The idea was to keep most motifs same (green jacket, color theme, stars, and ribbons) but arrange them in a different way. Personally I’m not too confident in my non-chibi drawing style, but I wanted to draw one for myself so I tried to practice it. Initially I wanted to separate the parts to learn to animate but it was a little too ambitious of me for now, haha. Hopefully next time!

That’s the stuff for this month! Hope to see you around next month with another art recap, hopefully I get to draw more and achieve more of the things I want to do! Take care and have a nice day to you who’s been reading this far!

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