DevonARTzure Sept 2023 Art Archive

Time for another monthly art recap! Phew, things are still getting busy and I’m pretty tired most days but I’m glad I get to still draw more. This month I mostly started steering my focus to draw for Comifuro convention merch preparations, while still trying to get through my commission queue as much as I can with the time and energy I have.

Nikke Fanart

Continuing my NIKKE Fanart series! This time I added Anis (with the iconic ingame expression), Alice, Modernia, and the legendary Mustang with his EEENNTTERTAINMENNTTT line – I quite struggled how to make this look extra, not gonna lie lol.

I plan to make these as stickers! I’m testing out some vendors recently and hope the test prints will arrive soon. I enjoy designing merchandise but the testing and production part can be pretty stressful :< but I try!

Another Month, Another Nijisanji ex-ID

Dear Reza Avanluna, I first found you through your song ‘Lullaby’ – it comforted me at that night I needed to hear such words. I soon listened to more of your songs and streams – I enjoyed them and I’m grateful for it. Thanks for all your hard work!! Take care!

I do recommend listening to his original songs – thankfully he left the files to download on his Youtube community post. My other favorite songs from him are Mimpi and Hoshizora ni Voice wo.

Considering the amount of graduations we have this year, I decided to make the Nijisanji ex-ID graduation art into clear PVC photocards merchandise for Comifuro and hopefully I can come to the Nijisanji ex-ID 19 Colors Festival fan event on December. Maybe will try to open a preorder at start of next month.

So yeah, you can like write on it with a marker or pen – I left the box intentionally blank for so, and can take pictures with it with the transparent part to show as the background.

I wish I can draw more customized illustration for everyone but since time is limited I decided to make them in uniform format style ;w; I do hope I won’t have to add more livers’ graduations, but I do have a feeling there will be a couple more upcoming this year… but whatever their decision is, I’m thankful for the memories and wishing them all the best for their future plans.

Hoshimachi Suisei!

This one is a special occasion, I’ve been loving Suisei’s original music for a long while – and I love her music video concepts with unique memorable design style for each, so I wanted to draw a set of art to represent some of my favorite ones! To match her stars theme, I also tested to print it as sticker sheet with some sparkly star hologram.

In order from left to right: Next Color Planet, Ghost, Template, and Michizure. Right after I finished testing to print it, the MV for Yoru wo Matsu yo was released! The aesthetics look so nice and adorable too, I wanted to give it a try drawing – maybe next time I’ll update it with another row, haha.

Ghibli Trust Orchestra!

Also this month I went to a fanmade Ghibli Orchestra by Trust Youth Orchestra. It was a fun experience! It was a friendly atmosphere where we can sing along, visitors and musicians wore Ghibli costumes, there were some artist booths as well and some intermission events with the audience like best costume vote.

The music and visuals were beautiful and enjoyable! It’s been so long since I watch an orchestra and listen to a bunch of Ghibli music, I’m glad for the experience. The ticket war was pretty crazy and I had to join the second batch to get mine, but I do recommend the experience.

Crochet Progress and Handcam?

This month I continue on practicing crochet (as written more about it in this post) and tried doing some handcam streams of crocheting amigurumi and making a bag with chunky jumbo yarn. It was a bit frustrating when I get stuck, but I feel pretty darn accomplished when I do finish a project!

I had some people ask about my handcam setup and it’s a bit scuffy – but here is a hopefully helpful diagram. I don’t have a separate webcam so I use my phone, I used some apps before but it was not consistently connected so I ended up using a Discord call to myself with another account, then sharing the screen on OBS software to broadcast it with my overlay design. It works (as long as the phone battery is up around 2-3 hours), though I’m open for suggestions for this haha!

That’s the stuff for this month! Hope to see you around next month with another art recap, hopefully I get to draw more and achieve more of the things I want to do! Next month on October I plan to do more merch prep stuff, I don’t think I’ll be joining specific October drawing challenges haha so it’ll be more like ‘try-to-draw-something-everyday-tober’!

Take care and have a nice day to you who’s been reading this far!

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