Kokoba New LINE chat stickers!


I finally got Kokoba stickers approved for the Stickers Shop in LINE chat app! Hope you’ll enjoy using them in your chats and feel free to share how you use them or which ones you like the most! My other Devonazure chibi stickers are also available in the store and for LINE Premium!

They’ll also be stickers sheets for Comifuro! Stay tuned for more info on catalog and Preorder form this month!

I originally tried to come up with more sticker ideas for the expressions and poses – but it’s been hard to be decisive which ones to include, haha! I asked around and here are the results – more circles mean more people voted it. I find it amusing that the tired looking one (D4 in this image) got chosen by everyone I asked. Being tired is such a relatable mood yes 🙂

At first it seems pretty intimidating on how to upload your own stickers to LINE app, but the creators market submission process is actually easy to follow with clear guidelines and the processing time is fast!

It’s been something I wanted to do for awhile but I wasn’t confident before >_< Thank you for all the support for encouraging me to make more original stuff, hope you’ll enjoy on the stuff I make!

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