New Year, New Plans

With the start of new year it often comes to the talk of new year resolutions. I feel I have failed some things I wanted to commit to last year especially the last half part of the year where things do not go as planned and made it hard for me to schedule my priorities. It’s quite frustrating, but I know there are things that can’t be helped and I gotta focus onwards.

There are some things I want to plan and wish to do for 2023! Mostly I’m writing this as a note for myself to sort my thoughts, but it can also be an update for those who want to know what I’ll be up to or what to expect.

I know there will be unexpected things and plans are subject to change especially there are so many things I want to do and responsibilities to juggle, but here’s cheers and hoping for the best to work out! Stay tuned for updates!

This Website

The idea of having this website has been around for some time. I’ve talked more about it on this post. Currently I’ve had the pages I had in mind I want to have, but I’ll think more of what I can expand more here.

In the future I plan to update the gallery here periodically, and have this blog to post writing stuff as I enjoy having some documentations about the things I like to do, such as trying out games, handicraft, drawing, travel, and other things. I mostly want to write for myself, but I do hope it can be helpful or enjoyable for others to read too.

Will take this chance to say thank you for reading and dropping by my site!


I’ve been quite struggling with stream schedules for the last part of the year, and I know due to the nature of my work things can be pretty unpredictable and there are weeks I have to even be away from my computer, but I try my best as I still want to try to have fun streaming and connect with others there.

My general goal is to have 1 gaming stream & 1 art stream per week.

The idea is I want to try out different games each week, mainly focusing on chill and casual games. I have some games from Steam sales and gifts I’ve been wanting to try, and I want to share the experience with others on stream!

For time it’ll be around 9-10PM at GMT+7 timezone, most likely on Thursday and Sunday. I’ll try to test it out for several weeks before properly announcing it.

Other wishes is I want to try doing more collabs or events with friends and other streamers. I tend to be pretty shy and selective about this, so while I am open for ideas, I’ll try my best to see how it will work out. 

Other things I want to do is to make video shorts like clips or the apps & games recommendation videos I’ve posted before on YouTube and Tiktok, and to write about the games I play on this blog.

Drawing Stuff

I want to draw some more this year! I hope I get to improve my drawing speed and workflow efficiency so I can create more things.

New model? A wishlist of mine is to have a new Live2D model for my nonchibi version, and an updated costume for the chibi one. Preferably I want to learn rigging myself, but we’ll see if I can manage to squeeze time for it.

Convention events & merch – I’ll be joining Comifuro this year with my friends! I want to make some new merch, but I’m not sure if I can manage to since time is pretty short. At most, I will bring my previous merch and make some freebies. I mostly miss opening a booth and glad I get to have the opportunity to do it with friends, hehe.

I do enjoy designing merchandise, but managing shipment and production for an online store has been quite exhausting for me to manage and I want to prioritize other things for now, so currently I’m placing them on halt and will just make some items when there is physical events. I do wish to make some original merch of my OC or my Kokoba blob!

Feel free to contact me if there’s something you want from my merch page though, I might have some stock and I can arrange shipment for you.

Commissions – To be honest, I feel really bad I am unable to keep up the workflow of commissions when things didn’t go well with work, family, and health issues for me in the past few months. I’m currently working on my waiting list again, and trying to speed up things.

I’m very thankful for the clients who have been very understanding and kind to me, and I’m doing my best to live up to their expectations in my work one step at a time. I hope I can keep up the momentum again to build my portfolio, and hopefully expand my skills and offer range to more services.

Fanart –  There are some characters I’ve been craving to draw, like characters from Genshin (Yaoyao, for example), Hololive, Nijisanji, Nikke, and other series I’m following, and even my friends’ OCs. I want to draw them for my next drawing streams!

Well, these are the ideas and plans I have so far, but let’s see how it goes, I hope for the best and try what I can! Another goal is to try not to be too perfectionist and not beat myself up when things don’t go right, haha.

Thank you for reading through and for those who have given me your kind support throughout the past years. I greatly appreciate it and it makes my day to keep going. Doing art and streaming has been greatly helpful for me to distract from my stress and anxiety about my day work and other responsibilities. I hope I can continue to create things that hopefully can cheer up someone’s day!

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