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I like taking pictures to capture memories of my days, such as cute or funny things I find when shopping, the places I travel to, and meeting up with friends and family. I tend to be quite sentimental about the idea of keeping memories in photos and I like taking screenshots or clip recordings when I play games I like, so games touching on the topic of taking photos interest me.

I have found some nice games I enjoy with photo taking as one of its main element, and I would like to share about them! I hope that others get to enjoy these games too! 

Here’s a quick short video of the games I will talk about here:


TOEM is a lovely game with unique, black-and-white graphics and adorable variety of characters. You get to go on a journey to explore the world in the game and solve missions to help others using your photography skills!

In the photo view you can zoom in and out, switch to selfie mode, and switch between different expressions. There are multiple areas to unlock, where you have to help out others to get ‘stamps’ to get a ride to the next area. You get to dress up your character as you get new items, and also unlock new music to chill with along your way.

There are some puzzles and tricky parts to figure out what to take photo of or when is the right moment, which can be pretty challenging, but it’ll be satisfying once you figure it out.

For me, I enjoy meeting the variety of the quirky characters in the game, some of them are amusing to interact with and definitely memorable!

I enjoy taking random photos of the scenery and the friends or strangers we meet along the way, and spotting unique moments in the journey! It feels like when you’re going traveling to an unknown place to discover, where  I want to take pictures to keep memories of the things I see and to show others the moments I had in the adventure.

After the journey I just want to share my album with others to talk about my journey and look back on the things I’ve been through! There are definitely some pictures I want to share that are my favorites, but I want to avoid spoiling things since I feel not knowing what to expect next in the journey is part of the charm from this game. 

Download: Steam | Epic Games | Switch | Playstation

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba is a wholesome game where you get to explore a beautiful island to take pictures of various animal species, interact with other people on the island, solve tasks to help others, and do your part to start the movement to save the wildlife there. 

You have a smartphone that can help you identify the animal species when you take a picture of them. Take good pictures of the animals to encourage awareness to save the island! Sometimes you have to sneak to take the photo so the animal do not get alarmed. You get to discover different species with different rarity, encouraging the completionist in me to explore more of the island to see what other animals I can find.

The game talks about the importance of wildlife and how one person’s efforts can start to make a difference to inspire others, delivered in a sweet way through the wholesome game experience. I feel it’s an enjoyable game, the character interactions are lovely, and the story has a nice message to it.

The music is chill and the overall atmosphere feels cozy with the nature sound effects that can immerse you. Graphics are lovely and the colors set off the mood of cheery summer vacation vibes.

There are small interactions here and there that are cute to watch, such as moving Alba’s head to nod or shake when being asked something, and the little things we can do to interact with the environment like helping to pick up the hung up laundry you pass by.

I feel like a kid going on a summer vacation, where I don’t want to go home yet and I want to keep exploring, and things feel hopeful and full of wonder. The beginning part with the grandpa and grandma hit a sweet spot in my heart already! I won’t go too much on the story, but I feel I’d enjoy this game a lot as a kid too.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Download: Steam | Xbox | Apple Arcade | Playstation | Switch


 Your task is simple – take a lot of photos of all the good dogs! You can also pet the dogs! Throw a frisbee to play with the dogs, take selfie with the dogs, and put on costumes on them to make them look even more precious! And yes, that camera with legs is ‘you’!

It’s a fun and casual game that’s entertaining to play without specific story to follow or time limits. Even without the missions to follow, it’s a fun game to play on your own to see new things every time around the map to take more pictures for your gallery. 

Explore on different places from beachside to outer space to solve different missions, such as ‘take a picture of a dog doing a cool backflip on a skateboard‘ (the dogs wear safety helmets, so it’s all cool) or ‘find three dogs chilling on the rooftop under the moonlight‘. I find it fun to look around to find the right timing to strike the perfect photo! I find a bunch of silly pictures as well.

You get to post photos on a ‘dog social media’ – different photos can get different amount of ‘likes’ and reactions, and there are goals to progress to the next areas. You can get comments such as ‘not enough dogs!’ that are fun to see what will happen for each photo.

You get to take pictures in different time of the day from day to night, and you can use camera filters to take photos with special effects like fisheye, sepia colors, and so on!

There is also a ‘puppypedia‘ to take pictures of all the dog breeds available in the game, which can urge the completionist in you to find them all. Some missions are a bit tricky to figure out, but they’re mostly easy to follow. The main missions took me around 3-4 hours to complete, though mostly I got distracted when I see more cute dogs to photo, hehe. 

Download: Steam |

Hope this list can recommend some fun games for you to try! Which one was your favorite or got your interest the most?

Do you have suggestions of other photo taking games? Feel free to recommend them on the comments or to share your experiences playing these games! ^^

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