Hello world! I miss making a website!

Hello, welcome to my site! There is probably still some stuff here and there that still needs to be fixed, but I hope this works mostly fine and presentable already!

It’s been awhile since I have worked on creating my own website. I had fun and I do miss that feeling!

Hopefully it can be helpful for others to find out more about my work, or stuff I share about games, drawing, and other things can be helpful for others! It’s been awhile since I write longer than a tweet or a video caption, so hope you’ll bear with me haha.

My first experience with building a website was like, 10 years ago maybe? It was back then when stuff like fan wikis were not really known yet, so most fan and personal websites I know were using free web hosts like Geocities and Freewebs.

Me and my friends used to each built sites and blogs to post random things like the anime we like, making scuff edits of pictures to make profile banners and avatars, putting silly personality quiz pages, writing stories about our daily life silly stuff, and so on.

(Many thanks Javascriptkit and DynamicDrive website, where I used to copy paste a bunch of codes from while understanding barely anything, like making ‘quiz’ pages, images slideshow, hangman games, and more. I felt so cool.)

It was a lot of fun and puts a smile on my face whenever I remember it. I kinda wish it’s still a thing, it’s pretty interesting to see what kind of web pages people make and to see how they design it. 

Okay, to be honest, my earliest interaction with codes were when I wanted to customize my Neopets page and Friendster. I wanted to add those scrolling animated marquees, falling down snowflake effects in the background, and custom image cursors – kinda ‘cringey’ design sense, I know, but hey, a kid wanted to look cool, okay, I was cringe and free.

I learned to copy and paste Javascript codes and tweaked CSS lines to adjust the colors – pretty much similar to what I do when I code now, except I look at Stackoverflow :’)

To think about it, it’s pretty crazy dedication I had, good job smol me,  makes me wish if only I had that energy and time now too…

Over the years, then having social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is becoming more common. Life got busy, and I became more lazy as well to work on a website and prefer to just post and browse things on those places.

Having social media pages is one thing that is nice where you don’t have to think about the technical things and customization where everyone’s pages look mostly the same, but I do miss having a ‘home site’ where I can update and compile pages more freely, and when I change things I won’t be cluttering people’s timelines or kinda worry about the likes and views.

I’m a forgetful person too, so I like having things to look back to the things I have completed to make me feel better when I feel down about my achievements, haha 

So after wanting to do this for some while I finally decide to make this site, with some goals I had in mind:

  • Having a compiled view of my art through the years (in case one of the sites I post to goes down haha, and some of them are too old that it’s embarrassing to repost as new but I want to keep ann archive about it)
  • Making it more organized to showcase my work and commission information, and easier for me to update things
  • Having other pages to show other stuff I work on or archive of things, like my past merchandise, events, and zine projects for portfolio purposes.
  • Having a blog for me to write more freely and longer, since tweets feel limiting when I want to babble on more. My plan is mostly to write about life and work updates, games and apps I’ve enjoyed, and convention experiences. Let’s see how it goes!

I’ll try my best to update and fix things over time, do stay tuned!

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