Needle Felting a Penguin!

I recently tried out needle felting again! It started of as a Throne wishlist item I put on randomly as a handcam stream idea when I discussed with my chat, and a kind soul got it for me. Thank you very much! I’ve always been fascinated with handicrafts stuff but I’m not too handy with delicate work sadly so I don’t do it often since it gets messy real quick, haha.

For context, Needle felting is a type of handicraft where you stab (yes, stab) pieces of wool to make them become shapes. It’s pretty fascinating to see how the wool turns to shape over time with the stabs and it’s pretty relaxing in its own way to keep stabbing on the wool to combine the pieces together!

Here’s an example of me trying to stab a penguin to life from those wool.

Here’s a quick peek on how it looks like from the package! I got the DIY package that already have materials prepared for a specific character, in this case it’s supposed to be a penguin with a pillow and sleeping hat. Sounds cute! In the package we got different colored wool, a place to stab the wool (like a foam mat), felting needles, and a metal part to put a keychain ring.

The instructions came in Chinese which I can’t read except a few characters, so I was quite panicking on the stream since I didn’t really prepare myself to check it through. I tried needle felting once years ago so I thought I would still remember mostly how it works and the pictures were quite helpful, but I got a bit confused on some parts on how to make the shapes work and at what point I should stop or continue stabbing.


Me and my friend’s first needle felting experience. Mine of the left of first image. The right image is the sample of reference we tried to make from :’)

I got a bit confused how to make the white parts of the hat, since there’s a string that have different material, which from what I understood had to be twisted and glued. For the stream since I used phone camera with battery around two hours, I managed to make this chubby-ish penguin and while a bit scuffed, so I plan to try to fix it some time after.

I made a tiny Kokoba (my blue blob mascot) with the remaining materials, but the mouth came off a bit scary hahaha :’D

Penguin example vs. my attempt
Penguin and Kokoba, big and small

Overall it was quite challenging for me for a beginner, and while I know I could do better, I was pretty happy with the penguin result that it looks quite like a cute penguin, and it was interesting experience to try! Hopefully next time when I do try again, I can do better! ^^ If you want to try a handicraft that does not require glue or complex handiwork, I think needle felting can be an interesting option to try!

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