Comifuro 17 Merch Samples Catalog

The following are sample pictures for merchandise that will be part of my catalog for Comifuro 17 on 16-17 December 2023 ICE BSD this year! Feel free to ask me if you’d like to know more about the products! We’re at booth B49-B50!

Preorder close: November 19
(Rady stock items can still be ordered for mail order or CF pickup until December 14!)

Booth number will be announced later. Stay tuned!

Note that not all products have photos shown below. Please refer to the catalog for full range of products and prices.

Original Merch

I’m excited to share some new original merchandise this event! Featuring sticker sheets of Kokoba (also available as LINE stickers, btw!), yoga me chibis, Devonazure smol chibi standee, Kokoba pillow charms, and bringing back the Kokoba writable standee for your notes! Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Card Wallets

Another new original merch is capybara-themed card wallets! They can store up to 6 cards (as example fitting the flazz Klee card also designed by me) – this will be Preorder only, no ready stock on event.

I still have some Fire Pokemon card wallets! This one has multiple plastic card sleeves inside. You can pick a bonus sticker sheet for each card wallet purchase! Size 10,5 x 7 cm, including 10 card sleeves, faux leather cover material.

Pokemon sticker sheets featuring water, fire, and grass types also sold separately.

Washi Tape

One of my wishlist merch to make has come true! Finally designed my own washi tape. Featuring size 1,5 cm x 5m, 41mm roll size with cover stickers on each side. The designs are also available as sticker sheets!

Candy Bag Charm

Another checklist of merch I wanted to make is the candy bag charm – they’re squishy and cute! With two bunny acrylics inside (white and black, just like the Oshi no Ko MV), bunny-shaped clasp, and different designs front and back! Here’s your Ai-candy, get it?


I made some fun NIKKE stickers with colorful borders – with special treatment for the great ENNNTERTAINMENTT of Mustang!

I will also bring back series of my squishy mini stickers of Aranara, Takodachi, Boo Tao, Kokoba, and boba drinks. They have transparent borders and squishy feel!

Pillow Charms

There will also be 7cm-sized pillow charms, featuring squeakers inside so they’ll make some cute squeaky noises when you squeeze them! Each pillow charm also have matching colored ball chains. Why sacabambaspis? Why not, it looks so silly and cute to draw!


Memopads will be approximately 8 x 8 cm printed with 30 pages. It’s a memopad so it’s not sticky notes! They’ll be in HoloID (Risu, Moona, and Iofi) as well as my original character Kokoba for the design!


These are small sized mousepads at 18×22 size. It’s made of those rubber-like material – I’m not sure what it’s called, sorry. I tested it out to play some games and while I still suck at FPS, the mousepad works fine for me! (Also check out my ancient old Logitech mouse in the pic hahahah)

Identity V T-Shirts

Only remaining Hunter Black M size shirt only, sorry! (The right design in the picture above). Currently I have no plans to restock shirts yet.

Size chart:
approx size : M = 46 cm x 62cm

Each shirt order will include bonus full set of my IDV stickers (11 characters: Lucky guy, embalmer, seer, photographer, mercenary, prospector, priestess, gardener, coordinator, mechanic, doctor)! These stickers can also be got separately without the shirt, of course.

Genshin Popsockets

Can be used to hold phone or as a mini standee to prop your phone on the table, they’re mini 4×4 size! It already have the tape on the back so you can use it immediately.

New updates we have Raiden Shogun, Furina, and Nahida to complete all the archons!

These designs are also available as 58mm-size buttons.

Star Holo Sticker Sheet

Here’s a sample of the star hologram effect on the sticker sheet. It’ll be kiss-cut so you can take off the characters separately at ease. Also made some bookmark-sized Hoshimachi Suisei HoloJP this year!

Emoney & Flazz Cards

They will be Preorder only, so no ready stock on Comifuro! Emoney or Flazz card gen 2 does not include saldo, printed directly on the card so it’s not sticker and can be used directly to top up payments!

Nijisanji ex-ID Button / Pin Series~

Will include all ex-ID livers, around 4,4 cm size. Book an order to reserve your oshi, or bet it on gacha luck~ 

Nijisanji ex-ID Almarhoomies Clear Photocards


Transparent background PVC photocards of all the graduated (and soon-to-be-graduating) Nijisanji ex-ID livers. You can write on them using pen or marker and erase them again to reuse as you want. Take pictures with the almarhoomies, bring the cherished memories with you!

Holoctober Photocard Prints

Updated set of Holoctober photocards – now featuring all the HoloID livers! You can get them separately or mix and match between HoloEN, JP, and ID – but on the Comifuro days they’ll be sold in sets only!

There are still plenty of ideas I want to work on, but I have to be realistic with timeline for production and my own work schedule – so these are all I got for this year’s Comifuro! Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Feel free to ask me if there are any questions about the merch or your order. Hope to see you there on Comifuro! Thank you for reading and for your interest in my merch! ^^

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