Doujima Singapore Pickup Orders Open!

Hello there! I won’t be able to attend Doujima Singapore this year since it clashes with Comifuro 16, but you can still order my merch for pickup at my friend’s booth at i-20 Neko Fingerprint!

There won’t be ready stock items at all, so you need to fill out the form so the items will be packed there. Form is planned to be closed on 24 April 2023. Some items are based on limited ready stock only.

Doujima will be held in Suntec Convention Center, Hall 403/404 Singapore. More information can be found on their official site.

– For orders $15 SGD and above, I’ll ask for full payment via Paypal.
– For orders below $15 SGD, you can pay with cash directly on the event.

If there are any cancellations or order changes after filling the form, please let me know since I do not want to inconvenience my friend who’s helping me out. Be sure to check out her stuff there too, okay? Thanks before for your interest, and hopefully I can be there in person on next Doujima!

Merch Catalog

Memopads will be approximately 8 x 8 cm printed in HVS paper with 30 pages. It’s a memopad so it’s not sticky notes! They’ll be in HoloID (Risu, Moona, and Iofi) as well as my original character Kokoba for the design!

Nijisanji ex-ID Button / Pin Series~

Will include all Nijisanji ex-ID livers, around 4,4 cm size. Since I will not be there in person, you can pick the livers and there will not be gacha / randomized option like in Comifuro booth. 

Lazulight Keychains

I also will bring in Lazulight keychains featuring Pomu, Elira, and Finana! Here they are with my Psyduck music box figure~ They are also available as prints.

Holoctober Mini Prints

These will be art from my Holoctober challenge series (sadly I only made it on 15 days huhu). They will be printed photo card size and grouped by region (HoloEN/ID/JP), but you can book individual ones!


These are small sized mousepads at 18×22 size. It’s made of those rubber-like material – I’m not sure what it’s called, sorry. I tested it out to play some games and while I still suck at FPS, the mousepad works fine for me! (Also check out my ancient old Logitech mouse in the pic hahahah)

Identity V T-Shirts

Two designs available: Hunter / Survivor
Each design variation: black / white / black glow in the dark

They’ll be based on ready stock so only M & L size available, sorry!

Size chart:
approx size : M = 48 cm x 66cm, L = 50 cm x 68 cm, +- 3cm

Glow in the dark sample video:

Genshin Popsockets

Can be used to hold phone or as a mini standee to prop your phone on the table, they’re mini 4×4 size! It already have the tape on the back so you can use it immediately.

Star Holo Sticker Sheet

Here’s a sample of the star hologram effect on the sticker sheet. It’ll be kiss-cut so you can take off the characters separately at ease.

Original Merch

There will be stickers, stamps, mousepad, memopad, pillow, and acrylic keychain and standee of my character and my blue blob companion Kokoba~

I’ve been very nervous about it but this is something I’ve wanted to try all this time, so I’m really happy to see the merch in my own hands and I hope those who will be getting them will like them! ;w;

Feel free to ask me if there are any questions about the merch or your order. Thank you for reading and for your interest in my merch! ^^

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