Singapore Trip – Fun Places I Visited!

Some while ago I had the chance to visit Singapore and it’s been a nice vacation break between work! I get to visit some fun places and events, so I’d like to share some highlights of my experience here! This post will be about a bunch of places like Hololive Aniplus cafe, Hanami MKT, Pokemon center, Gardens by the Bay, and Museum of Ice Cream~

Hololive x Aniplus Cafe

It was good timing that I get to visit Hololive x Aniplus collab cafe! It’s located in Esplanade mall or Annexe – to be honest I got quite lost to get there since some of the signs did not say Espalande mall, but thankfully I found my way through ^^; 

The cafe was decorated with lifesize standees of kimono outfit version and various illustrations of Hololive ID Gen 1, HoloCouncil and IRyS from Hololive EN. There are also screens playing music videos and the cafe plays various songs sang by the Hololive talents, which sets the mood just right.

For the menu, I ordered Risu’s Flower Pot Dessert! It’s a cute looking dessert, as the name implies it’s a chocolate pudding served in a pot and we get a shovel-like spoon for it. For the drink, I tried out Kronii’s blue lagoon drink.

When we entered each person got a random paper banner of either HoloID or HoloEN – I was surprised the print was pretty big, so it was a bit difficult to carry around when we travel after :’D We also get a random coaster. I got Kronii so at first I thought it’s matching the drink I ordered, but I looked at what my friends got and realized it’s random ^^;

The cafe chibi illustrations are so adorable! There are chibi standees on each table. I got myself the clear file and got a sticker too. There are some other cute merchandise but when I visited they either have ran out or still coming soon, too bad ;w;)_  

There’s a section where you can draw or write stuff on post-it notes on the wall! It was cool to see all various drawings made by others! I was quite nervous to draw not digitally, but I put on a Mumei doodle there~

Hanami MKT

This was not planned but I got informed there’s a convention event when I was still there, so I dropped by! It was in Suntec Concourse, and going there made me miss going to Doujima and AFA Singapore… and convention events in general, it’s been awhile okay ;w; It was free admission so I get to just go browse the booths immediately!

I saw a lot of awesome booths and cool merch! It’s interesting to see the different types of merchandise I rarely get to see in Indonesian conventions.

There’s also a cute rally event, where when we purchase over a certain amount we can get a sticker from each booth, and if we get a line of same colors we can get a prize. Sadly I didn’t get to shop that much to get all the stickers hahahah :”

Here’s some of my loot that I got from the event, they’re so cute! It was quite crowded when I arrive though, so I did not get to take as much pictures or note down all the artists I want to see more of ;w;

Pokemon Center @ Jewel Changi

Going to Pokemon Center is always a treat, even if I don’t end p buying anything. I wish there’s one in my country too ;w; They have lots of adorable merch and new collections coming in! It’s located in Jewel at Changi Terminal 1, at the 4th floor. The Jewel fountain is also a great sight to see!

I was especially delightfully surprised to see a solo Gulpin merch! It’s one of my favorites but I rarely get to see merch of it ;w; This one is an earring!

Some random pics from the store, the Goomy plush is very soft and squishy… and that Mareep looks so soft… So many cute tempting stuff! My friend went on a blind box spree, there are so many designs to choose from >_<

I also saw merch of some rather less commonly talked about Pokemon like Solosis, Cyrogonal, and more. My friend tried to ask for her favorite Shedinja, but the staff said they don’t have it ;w; maybe next time…

Gardens by the Bay

Speaking of Pokemon, they also made an appearance at Gardens by the Bay! It’s located inside the Flower Dome section.

The other section, the Cloud Forest one, features Avatar: The Way of Water instead, and there’s also another garden having a collaboration with Transformers.

I find these Sakura afro Pikachu hilarious :”) I wish there are merchandise of it though! ;w; I was expecting some collab merch but in the store I found the usual official merchandise instead. It’s still nice to see the exhibits to take picture though!

Here are the other pictures of the display! Overall they have Pikachu (normal and sakura afro versions), Eevee, Snorlax, and the trio starters Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle! There’s also limited sakura flowers exhibit to take picture with nearby.


There are also a couple of other Pokemon themed decorations scattered around the gardens outside to take picture with, but since it was pretty hot when I get there I was too lazy to explore to find them :’) 

Van Gogh Exhibition

This one is quite random, but I stumbled upon this in Sentosa near the Forum area. I didn’t get into the exhibition itself, but the outside view is eyecatching and looks interesting to see.

The inside has some nice sunflower decorations at the ceiling, and a bunch of merch featuring the famous Starry Night and Sunflowers paintings from hats, glasses box, puzzles, and more. They also have some interesting looking cakes and chocolates with the painting themes. They look pretty!

Museum of Ice Cream

I just recently knew about this place, as the museum is not really close to MRT (closest was Redhill station if I remember correctly), nor it was close to bus station or common tourist places. The tickets had to be bought online with cashless methods, thankfully it could use QRIS Indonesian payment for easier way.

The decorations inside was, well, a lot of pink! It’s very cute and lots of nice photo spots for those who enjoy photo taking, or those who enjoy eating ice cream or looking at fun facts and puns about ice cream.

You also get freeflow ice cream of 5 types of ice cream: ice cream scoop, ice cream cone, popsicle-like slice ice cream, ice cream with waffle, and ice cream cake. Unfortunately my stomach kinda gave up at the 4th ice cream stop ;w;

There’s a room full of magnet letters on the walls we can arrange freely as we want, so I gave a shot arranging my own name hehe. The sad thing is somehow my camera often struggles with the lighting to take pictures, so a lot of times the photos turn out with strong orangey-like colors ;-;

There are a bunch of interactive parts of the museum from physical games like connect 4, a wall of magnet letters to arrange, postcards to write and stick on the wall, a pool of plastic ‘sprinkles’ to ‘swim’ at, bouncy castle, house paper craft as pictured above, and more. Personally I feel it’s a fun trip to be in touch with your inner child :p

Photo taking is not my strongest suit so hope you’ll excuse the blur and weird croppings and lack of photos on some locations :’D It’s my first travel post so it might be quite all over the place, but it’s something I wanted to try doing for some while to share interesting stuff I find in my trips and to have a place to keep the travel memories. Hope this kind of post can be interesting for others too~

I had fun during the trip to find out new interesting places to go to –  hopefully there’ll be chance on next trip I can discover other interesting places! >w<

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