Honkai Star Rail Jakarta Offline Event!

Recently Honkai Star Rail game has just been released, and there are some offline events on various countries to celebrate it. I get to visit the one in Indonesia and want to share a bit of how it went!

The offline event is held in Kota Tua Jakarta. The event is fully outdoors with booths scattered around, so it was pretty hot out there when I get to visit. It was pretty crowded with other local activities too and there aren’t obvious signs around, so it took me awhile to find the booths of starting point for the event.

You can take a picture with the train, various official artwork and character standees! There are also cosplayers of characters from the game around the venue.

The main activity is that in the sign-in booth, you get a stamp rally sheet (with official art picture on the back). To sign up for the stamp rally we gotta show our ingame screen of the game in our own device first. 

We can do ‘missions’ in each element booth to complete the stamps, then redeem for a chance to get a gacha with possibility of official Honkai Star Rail merchandise!

There are total of 7 booths for each ingame element, and each having a different task for us to do to get the stamp! There are also different character art and standees on each booth. I got a bit confused where to go since some of the booths are quite far apart without clear signs (I forgot to take picture of the map since it wasn’t given out to us), but thankfully the staff were helpful to show us the way.

Quick summary of the stamp missions: 

  • Reading out characters’ voicelines of your choice
  • Answering game-related question (I got to name character of different elements)
  • Drinking ‘Himeko’s ice coffee’ – it was black coffee, but we were given bottled water after, very helpful in the hot weather
  • Posting on social media and using the event’s hashtags
  • Some arcade games like darts and hammer game (not sure what it’s called sorry hahah)
  • Writing a message on a sticky note

The staff said ‘you can write aspiration, messages or wishes for the game!’ So I wrote my innermost thought about the game: Dan Heng is handsome. (He’s the one who convinced me to try out the game :p ) – I wanted to doodle him but there was a queue so I felt shy and hurried up >_<

In the booths you also get to have free merchandise! Here are all the free merchandise I got. The March chibis are sooo adorable! <3 There are different designs of the sticker, but I love the one she’s eating the lollipop candy! The March fan is adorable and useful in the hot weather, though I feel it was not strong enough for me, haha. We get a bookmark with Dan Heng and March on different sides~

The ticket-shaped print was given at the final redeem point to do the merch gacha, with a redeem code for 50 Stellar Jade. I wish they give us at least enough for one free pull, but oh well ^^; The print was uniquely shaped and good as collectible to keep for me at least~

I was surprised to see that we get a local themed print! In this case, Dan Heng and March with Monas, Jakarta’s National Monument. I checked with my friend in Vietnam that they get different print artwork there, and I’m curious to see what it’s like in other locations. 

On the final stop to redeem the chance to gacha for official merch! The queue was damn long, I think I spent more like an hour but I felt might as well try since we already got all the stamps.

Now a big warning was given to us in the middle of the queue – there’s a possibility not to get anything at all. (I thought we’ll get at least stickers or other prints as consolation prize at worst T^T but okay… )

So yeah I tried and hoped for the best, and I get this thankful note 🙂 Giving myself a pat in the back to convince myself that often the journey is more important than the destination at the end, haha. I tried! :’)

Overall that was the recap of the Honkai Star Rail offline event! It was pretty interesting experience (though quite exhausting), I do look forward to see more game related events~ I didn’t have the chance to see the Genshin one, hopefully next time there will be other fun events~

The game is also interesting so far with gorgeous characters and fun interactions (like digging up trash cans, whoa) and I’d be playing some more hehe >w<

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