Honkai Star Rail Collab @ Convivium Indonesia!

This week I finally got the chance to visit the Honkai Star Rail cafe collab, for Indonesia we have it at Convivium in South Jakarta! The event will still be going until 14 November 2023, so there’s still chance for those who want to go. We can’t do bookings or reservations, so we can just go there for a walk-in visit.


For me I chose to go on weekday to avoid the queue and it was a pretty smooth experience. The downside is that there are some promotions are only for weekends, like they said that the  collab illustration acrylic standee of Danheng & March is obtainable on weekends only.

The first floor is used for dine in, while the second floor is used for a stage and Pompom gacha redeem. There are also some character standees (Danheng on first floor, the others on second floor) and official art posters where you can also write some post-it notes of messages to stick on the walls on second floor. When I arrived there, the second floor wasn’t used for dining guests.

The entrance was decorated with some Honkai Star Rail illustrations, and the official merch stand is placed outside. We can choose to queue for merch only or have the food for takeaway. I hear that cosplayers of the game characters can get some gifts!

For the official merchandise it is mostly character standees and pins, you can check the official post for the list of merchandise.

When I visited, the Pompom collab pin can only be obtained from gacha by random. You can get a chance to gacha from each collab combo menu purchase, or merchandise purchase.

For the food, there is an option of fried rice, burger, or mini pizza for the collab combo menu set with drinks to get the printed tickets. The burger has a Pompom stamped on it!

There are also some side dishes options, like the stuffed mushroom with cream cheese I tried out, but you don’t need to order side dishes to get the merchandise bonuses.

For merchandise purchase, you can get the Pompom headband with two different Pompom illustrations – it’s so cute!! I used the detachable Pompom decoration from the headband for photo props too. We also got a collab illustration shopping bag and a cute Wubbaboo balloon! I kinda want to see it inflated but I also don’t want to fill it up because I don’t wanna see it explode 🙁

The hologram prints from the combo menu rewards are pretty, and look at that handsome Danheng! You can use a coin to rub off the hidden part to get a redeem code to get Chef Pompom avatar, ingame phone wallpaper, ingame food and recipe too. There’s also the March version of the ticket, but it was given out randomly.

We also need to follow some missions to post on social media first to get the rewards – 1) posting Tiktok video of the event with hashtag #StarRailMoment, 2) Facebook or Instagram post (set to public, not story) with hashtag #HonkaiStarRail #TimetoFeast, and 3) showing Honkai Star Rail UID (can be through ingame or Hoyolab). If you’re not sure about your internet connection or worry it’ll take too long, you can prepare in advance before queueing up for the merch gacha redeem.

Posted above is a quick Tiktok I quickly recorded (video editing is not my passion), this Pompom in particular is pretty memorable to me 😂

I wish I can see the Pompom mascot costume in action! It looks pretty sad deflated and left there but it’s also pretty funny to see 😂 Overall it was a nice experience and I’m glad I didn’t need to queue or wait too long. The merchandise looks good too, so I’m pretty satisfied. Hopefully there’ll be more fun Hoyoverse games collabs in Jakarta next time!

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