DevonARTzure Nov 2023 Art Archive

It’s that time of the year approaching the end where I’d go ‘huh, it’s almost the end of the year already, how time flies’!

Honestly, this month was pretty exhausting to juggle between end of year work and family event preparations, as well as Comifuro convention merchandise preps that I’m surprised myself I managed to make some non-merch drawings on November. For those who haven’t checked our my merch catalog, you can check it out here!

It’s also that time to have some existential crisis of ‘damn, it’s almost end of the year, what have I achieved this year?’ – I’ll probably write another post to do some self reflection about this with my own thoughts, but it’s been a tough year alright and I’ve been feeling quite lost on some life directions, but I’m trying my best to take it one step at a time.

Anyway, down to the art recap for those who want to get to the drawing part!

Genshin Comic Inspired from Co-op Moments

After so long since playing Genshin, I finally logged back in to get Furina because I got hooked by her trailer demo. Good thing I finally got her – but then the problem was I haven’t actually finished unlocking Sumeru and Fontaine maps though so I couldn’t get the boss materials yet 😂 so I got my friends to help me get around with the map exploration and bosses since I… get lost pretty easily… and skipped tutorials… so yeah hahaha.

and man, there are lots of things to explore and catch up in the game, and plenty of interesting sights to see in Sumeru and Fontaine along the way! I couldn’t help myself to get distracted here and there – which quite frustrated my friends oops :p 

So yeah, I got the desire to want to draw the experience as a comic – it’s been awhile since I make one, so I do quite miss it even though it does take some time to finish multiple panels, it’s pretty fun to tell a silly story with more varied expressions and poses.

My previous Genshin comics can can be seen on my Tumblr or Instagram for easier view along with my other Genshin art. I kinda doubt I’ll get to draw more Genshin comics in the upcoming time, but hopefully I get to draw more in the future and actually play Genshin more.

Genshin Archons - Furina and Life is a Stage!

While I have drawn the Furina and Nahida chibis in the middle last month, I put together the doodles around it based on Furina’s demo trailer which is super fun to watch. Lots of chaos, fights, and iconic scenes – from Childe dropkicking an enemy, physical combat Neuvillette, to Lyney & Lynette beating up some guy! It was kinda difficult to get the poses on the smol chibis, but hope I got the energy across somehow!

Drawing for Others

Thankfully I managed to draw some art for other people this month. I joined a welcome back greeting card project to make a get well soon art for Derem Kado from Nijisanji ex-ID – I hope she’ll get better soon and get to do the fun things she wants to do. I also get to make a birthday art for Koneko, and a stream channel point redeem for Ricdeau. I managed to complete drawing all the Twitch channel redeems this year, phew! 

I’m thankful for all the warm support I’ve received over the year, from supporting comments, likes, retweets, shares, and interest in my merch and other work I do. and to you, yes, you – thank you for taking your time of the day to read this far! There are things I do regret for not being able to stream or do more requests and commissions, but I am aware of my own limitations and trying to work out the best I can with what I have.

Have a nice day and see you next month – I may or may not get to draw anything new on December, so it might be summarized to Comifuro impressions and end of year recaps!

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