Jan 2024 Art Recap!

So the first month of 2024 has passed! I still felt like going back to vacation, especially after watching Pokemon Concierge on Netflix.

If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend watching this series, it’s so chill and adorable! I can’t help wanting to draw some of my favorite Pokemon and scenes from the series here. I feel I can relate to the protagonist Haru, the Psyduck, and the anxious Pikachu! I’m also learning to get used to using different lineart colors here.

I’ve signed up to 2 convention events on the upcoming months with only 1 week apart, so I’m trying to catch up on the merch grind to release some new merchandise, though I am aware the short time since last Comifuro doesn’t give me much room to restock or add much new items.

My next events will be at Cocoma (25 Feb Mall Ciputra Dian Ballroom) #E13-14 and Kira Kira Art Market (2-3 Mar Ad Premier ballroom) Table #45! Both events I will be tabling with Kirara.

Also fun news – my tiny car charms from Vograce have finally arrived, and they look cute! I have some worries of making more unique original merch, but I was curious to make one for at least myself when I saw the promotion for the car charm. I hope there are others who also will enjoy them as I’m happy to see how they turn out!

I planned to give out some ‘driving license’ cards for each purchase of the car charm like these. Get it, capybara on a car-pybara? Don’t mind me, haha.

I’m grateful I managed to do some more commissions on the VGen website! The platform is having more improvements and convenient features, so I’m trying my best to catch up on waitlists there. Due to work and time constraints I can’t take up as many slots as before, but I’m trying to catch up and warm up myself to different requests again. I apologize for those who are looking forward to my commissions but I can’t work on your request yet.

In this batch I’m trying to practice more on animation and to keep a more consistent chibi with varying pose and expressions with more focus on illustration commissions, since I feel I’m more comfortable with them compared to the graphic design ones.

Click to see the animation!

For my other goals wise, I managed to stream at least once per week as I intended to. It still felt a bit awkward coming back and setting a schedule, but I’m trying my best to enjoy the process and moments. This month I mostly did art streams and Japan travel talk, and managed to play The Exit 8 with the help of my friends to spot the anomalies. 

Honestly I still often feel as lost as ever, and unsure if I’m progressing on the right track. Thoughts of thinking what am I doing? Is this even worth the time? Shouldn’t you be doing ___ more or spend time at __? More thoughts here and there circulating my mind, especially piled up with some personal problems and day job issues. I still feel struggles to balance between a bunch of things I want to do and felt greedy wanting to do as much as I can at all – merch making, commissions, streaming, and drawing personal art. There are times I feel like letting down others for not being as active as before.

I’m trying my best to keep up while also being more forgiving with myself, but it’s been an up and down journey. Wishing that next months things will be better, and the conventions will go smoothly. Thanks for reading!

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