Content Plans for 2024!

Happy new year! I’d like to share some thoughts of what I plan to do for creative content in this year here. I made a lot of ideas of plans last year but a bunch of unfortunate and unexpected things threw me off my schedule, which was quite frustrating but I know I have to be aware of my own limitations – so I try my best to adjust my expectations this year.

It’s been previously a tough year for me, and I am aware it is going to be more tough times ahead, but I will keep doing what I can since these kind of creative outlet is what keeps me looking forward to my future days and kept me going.

I’m thankful for all the support I received in the past years, and will do my best to cherish those who are dear to me. I hope this year will be kind for you all too, and may the stuff I make can cheer up someone’s day even for a bit!

Merch & Conventions

Life can be pretty unexpected – I planned to retire from merchmaking before as most of my boothmates retired, but last year I was convinced by friends to open a booth again and my love for designing merch has been sparked anew again. It’s always challenging to get back to dealing with manufacturers, delivery couriers, boothing etc. – but I hope I can make some new merchandise I want to make and others can enjoy.

Here’s a little sneak peek of something I made, more to come!

Here are some of the convention booth events I’ll be joining this year! Stay tuned for other updates like catalogs and order link info for each event.

  • Cocoma  @ Mall Ciputra (E13-14)
    25 February (Indonesia)
  • Kira Kira Art Market @ Ad Premier Ballroom
    2-3 March (Indonesia)
  • Doujima (Singapore)
    11-12 May (no Comifuro18 sadly bcs event clash at this date, unless…?)


With my varying day work schedule and other things I have to attend, it’s been difficult for me to keep up a proper stream schedule for my Twitch channel. I tried several ways around it, but I end up feeling frustrated that I can’t be as active as before and often felt insecure about it.I’m learning to be more accepting of my own schedule limitations, but still try my best to not give up to try to keep practicing to stream. I had lots of good memories and known wonderful people through it, and would love to create new experiences there.

My current plan is to try to stream at least once a week – it may be short and varied topic stream, but I will try my best to keep a consistent habit first to get used back to streaming again.

For content I want to keep doing a mix of art streams (mostly merch grinds, fanart, and original work), gaming streams to try out new cute and interesting games I find, and other content like crocheting and handcam streams.

My go-to schedule currently is Sunday 9PM GMT+7 to midnight, with other possible most likely schedules are Thursday and Tuesday night at same time. Feel free to drop by when I stream and come say hi!

Commission, Zines & Other Works

For other projects, I have been struggling to balance my time and I feel bad for unable to fulfill as much work as I did last year, but I am aware my schedule is more packed and often keeps changing with unexpected things, thus I’m often growing more tired when I get back home. I don’t want to disappoint clients who spend money for commission with a rushed work or unclear communications, so unfortunately I have to be more selective and careful about this.

I’m really sorry for those who are looking forward to my commission or feel disappointed by the change of slot scheduling, but I also hope this is understandable. While for other things like merch and streaming I can adjust my own time more, I do not want to inconvenience my commission clients with my own changing unexpected daily schedule.

I truly do enjoy working with lovely clients as I did before to make their ideas come to live, and it makes me happy to see them use my work as icons or stream assets, and it’s something I wish to do properly at when I choose to do take a job to work on so it’s something both me and the client will be proud and happy of.

Tldr: Commissions will be slower paced and more selective, I will try my best to work on them one or two at a time, and pick projects that can fit my timeframe whenever I can. Feel free to still contact me to ask about commissions, but please understand I can’t do rushed work or give exact scheduling answers. Commission info can be found on my website or contact me through VGen.

For other projects like personal original work, fanart, and zine projects, they may be more limited this year or I will intertwine them more to my other content like streaming and boothing merchandise. I do wish to join fan projects like I did with Childe fan birthday event merchandise bundle or fanzine book projects. I hope I can have time to draw more this year!

Ending Note

Thank you for reading this far. I’ll be sure to update more things of my creative journey process along the way, and wishing all the best for the days to come though I also brace myself for future challenges and unexpected things to happen. May 2024 be kind to all of us and we can get to do the things we want to do!

Feel free to follow me on my other socials for future updates:

– Twitter: devonazureee
– Instagram: devonazure
– Twitch: devonazure_ch

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