UPDATES – Tokopedia, IG Story Stickers, LINE Premium, and Doujima Recap!

While there are less new drawing this month, I have some bigger news and updates to share! I hope as things settle down I can get back to more creating new things soon!

For the tldr version summary of this post:

  • My Tokopedia shop is now open for Indonesia orders! (Of course you can still order via order form or manual chat in my socials)
  • Some of my emotes are now available as Instagram story stickers! Feel free to use them in your IG Story posts or tag me in them!
  • I’ve attended Doujima Singapore event this month! It was a fun experience!
  • My LINE stickers are now included in LINE Premium subscription! Subscribe once to use my stickers and also other cool artists’ work without buying each pack separately!

Thank you for all the continuous support that made this happen and encouraged me to this day!

Read on for further details!

Online Shop Tokopedia Now Open!

So yes, for Indonesians – you can now order my merch in Tokopedia! The normal method through form and social media chats still work, but now it’s a new option for those who prefer shopping here!

I’ve been hesitating to organize the shop since it’ll be quite time consuming and I worry if I’ll be able to manage the time to promptly send out orders and manage stock. After some thoughts, I decided to give it try since there seems to be some time gap before any next convention since I haven’t got anything scheduled for sure yet. I’m still learning with it so I hope I didn’t mess anything up haha – but yes do feel free to check it out!

I didn’t include some items in the store since I’ll be retiring some items and some will only be restocked at certain times, so feel free to contact me for inquiry on merch not listed in the shop.

I hope this will be an alternative method to make it easier for others to shop for my merch! I’ll do my best to manage the shop! (Also please do not ask if I’m gonna open the orange shop anytime soon hahaha, setting up one already stressed me out so I’ll see how this one goes first!)

For those who follow my socials and read this far – you can use the promo code DEVONYEEE3 for 20k discount shipping fee for orders min. 80k! Stay tuned for future promo codes in this blog and other socials I post to. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the shop!

Instagram Story - Now you can add Devonazure and Kokoba Stickers!

Do you like posting Instagram stories? Well, now you can have my stickers and emotes to accompany your stories! Search up ‘devonazure’ or ‘kokoba’ to find some animated stickers to use! More designs will be available over time. Feel free to share or tag to me if you’re using them, I’d love to see it!

LINE Premium now includes my Stickers sets! - Also LINE can combine stickers now!

For those who use LINE chat app and enjoys collecting stickers – now they have a subscription format for stickers called LINE Premium – you can subscribe once to use stickers from many artists at once without having to buy the packs separately. I think it’s a neat idea if you love using different stickers or want to see which ones you’ll use more often before choosing to buy a pack!

All my sticker sets are now part of the LINE Premium program! You can of course still buy the packs directly and choose the ones you like. Currently there are total 3 sets – 2 Chibi Devonazure ones and 1 Kokoba set! Hopefully I can release more soon!

Also LINE recently added new functions like being able to mix and match stickers too, even between different sticker packs! I think currently it’s only on mobile, you can just drag a sticker up and add some others to place around next to it. You can rotate, scale, and add multiple stickers to be sent. I hope you’ll enjoy and have fun chatting away with my stickers! I enjoy looking at how my stickers are used and to know which ones others enjoy using the most.

Thank you for Doujima 2024!

So I’ve attended my first overseas convention event since covid era – back to Doujima again after last time I went at 2019! How time flies! I was certainly very nervous since it’s been a long while since I bring my stuff overseas, I was worried how the logistics to bring the merch will work since I have more stuff now – and also how the market will respond there and how things are like. Thankfully things were mostly going on smoothly!

I’ve had the pleasure of having my reliable and supportive boothmates at Mbol Circle (‘Mbol’ is an Indonesian slang for the word gembul or chonky, since we uh, snack a lot) – so here’s a shoutout to my boothmates: Nekogitan, Charon, Jordoge – and also support from my friends Kirara, Torakami, and Penghaw who came along with the trip and helped us too throughout the event days. I greatly thank them for all the help and support I’ve received on this trip – and also thanks to support from everyone who dropped by our booth, came to say hi, got our merch and chatted with me!

I learned things from this boothing experience and saw many other cool international artists in the event! I was a bit surprised by the difference in event style, shopping habits, and the response to different merch types compared to how I usually do in Comifuro or other events I’m used to. It’s an interesting experience and I’ll try my best to learn from it and prepare better next time – I do look forward to trying out more boothing events in Singapore and to get to know more fellow creators!

A bit off topic that I was mostly on an Aventurine simping spree this event – so I bought a bunch of Aven merch hahahaha :’p You can check out my Doujima loot post here! I didn’t get to make much myself due to time limits, but hey, the fangirling spirit goes on! I got super embarrassed when my friend got an Aventurine cosplayer to visit my booth since I couldn’t go around as much, and had my chibi standee taken picture with another cosplayer 😭 I’m usually too shy to take pictures with cosplayers and prefer to admire from afar, so this feels super shy but made my day!

Also lastly a shoutout to this little buddy chicken from Charon that we tied up- uh I mean, stationed in our booth for assistance. It’s doing okay guys, it got home safely and now clean and comfy, don’t worry! For those who passed our booth and hear squeaking sounds, this is why.

What's Next?

First of all – I’ll need some time off to recover, haha. I have low stamina and need to rest some time after a trip before I can function properly again, not to mention I caught some bad cough and flu when I got back. It should be nothing serious though, just some rest and I should be back to things!

Since I don’t have specific convention schedules next and had a store set up now, I plan to shift gears back to making new content and getting back to commissions grind since I felt I have been not as active at them with the merch and convention grind that took most of my time and energy. In the end, I still haven’t found my way to juggle them all more equally, but I’ll do my best to shift between the different things I enjoy to do. Wish me luck and stay tuned for future updates! Thanks for reading this far and have a nice day!

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