Boba Simulator – Time for Boba Tea Empire!

Game: Boba Simulator
Download on: Steam

One thing that I’m quite into (‘quite’ may be an understatement) is drinking some good, sweet boba milk tea! I often draw my own character with it, and even added it as part of my channel’s stream assets. I do enjoy it quite a lot, hehe. So a game about running your own boba shop of course caught my eyes!

I was given the game from the developer NapasGames who was very nice and friendly in our brief interactions – please do check their work out! It also turns out I played one of their games before, which was Yakiniku Simulator which I enjoyed too, so I’m excited to try this one out, and the cute graphics also convinced me to play!

I enjoy boba tea, so of course I should be a natural at making my own boba tea shop empire, right? Apparently I learned soon after it’s not that easy :’)

The game is a business simulation game, which some may be most familiar with the genre to remind them of games like Lemonade Tycoon. 

You get to craft your own boba tea recipe (I had to make sure it got more boba and sugar, dang that is costly but I want the best for my customers ok), shop for ingredients to stock, purchase upgrades to achieve more money and reach your goal to open more ambitious branches.

Of course the tricky part is to manage your finances – add more ingredients and purchase extra toppings, but make sure you’re making enough profit – get enough customers to get by, but make sure you can work fast enough to the demand! Your first goal is to earn enough money to open a new branch. 

It’s pretty damn satisfying to see the lined up cats enjoying my boba tea. Also please excuse the boba tea stacking up on my screen.

Customers will also give their ratings and feedback to your boba tea, and they might not be what you expect – for example, mine at some point asked for more than 4 portions of boba otherwise it is not enough and my rating would drop. I have some concerns – but I won’t judge my customers :p

What I enjoy is also with each new branch opened, the design of the shop changes, and there’s a progression of unlocking new features that adds new things to take care about, but not in an overwhelming way.

This piece of newspaper for example, scares me 🙂 It’s a sign that there’ll be a BIG crowd on the next day. BIG one.

We can get a piece of news that can give you updates on what’s happening that influences the game – like sale price, low crowd on the next day, and so on that can affect our decisions on what to buy and if we should hire an extra staff.

In the later stages, we can hire an additional staff to help and we can pick between a ‘bobalista’ (that’s a cute name yo), marketer, and entertainer with different roles to boost your sales, but of course they will come in as extra cost. I wish there’s a way to personalize the cafe or the staff (I wanted to see the marketer and entertainer!) or to see different versions of the cat customers since they look adorable!

There are enough room of decisions around to make to personalize your boba tea shop experience, and cute graphics to look at. There are still more stages I have yet to unlock so I’m sure there are more interesting features in the later stages. I will try to update this post if I do have additional comments on the next ones!

Overall I enjoyed playing the game and will be giving it another go to unlock more things and discover the next stages! It’s a cute game that’s easy to understand, while also offering challenges and flexibility of things you can decide to figure out how to achieve the goal as you like.

I’ll be looking forward to playing more cute games in the future and keep my eyes out for what other games the developer will make in the future! You can check out Boba Simulator on Steam!

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