Doujima Merch Updates

Here are the latest merch samples recap for Doujima and April-May Indonesian mail order + AFAID pickup! For the catalogs, you can check here for Doujima, and here for the Indonesian one.

Collab Merch - Original Gacha Keychain + Sticker set

Merch Collab series with Kirara! I drew the penguin, duck & red panda ones!

Please note that my booth is for pickup only, and you can try the gacha machine at B-42 Neko Fingerprint booth!

Magical Doremi Merch Series

Will be available as keychains with gold flower clasp (different expressions on each side!), star hologram sticker sheets, and lanyards. 

Sticker Books

A5-size reusable sticker books with 40 pages inside and star hologram cover. I enjoy this a lot myself since I enjoy collecting stickers but sticking them somewhere feels like commitment issue, haha.

Mini Car Charm

The Chibi Dev car charm of my original character series is available, and each purchase comes with the matching ‘driving license’ card! The cards can also be bought separately.

Car Dashboard Spring Toy

A new merch type I have now is car dashboard spring toy! Sorry I don’t know what’s a shorter way to call it haha. Enjoy the car-pybara in your car to travel with you! Also comes with a ‘driving license’ card. For the capybara mini car charm, it’s out of stock and I can’t restock on time for Doujima, sorry! 

Sacabambaspis Squeaky Pillow Charm

The pillow charms come with squeakers inside, so it will make squeaky noises when you squeeze it! Printed both sides with short fur material, can be quite a way for stress relief.

Oshi no Ko Candy Bag Charm

Capybara Washi Tape

Card Wallet & Stickers

For card wallet, only Fire type Pokemon available – each purchase comes with bonus sticker sheet. For sticker sheet, all three types are available!

Identity V Stickers

T-shirt is sold out, sorry! Stickers can be bought separately per character!

Nijisanji ex-ID Clear Photocard

Original Merch Kokoba

Squishy Stickers

Squishy stickers have new designs and will be sold in packs! There will be 4 types of packs in total: Kokoba the blue blob, Takodachi & Ina, Aranara, and Hu Tao & Boo Tao Ghost set. Get these cute mini squishy stickers!

Capybara Series

Genshin Impact Fanmerch

Prints, sticker sheets, pin/buttons, and popsockets / phone grips.

Emoney / Flazz Cards (Indonesian)

Printed emoney/flazz cards for Indonesia use. For Doujima, they will be available as stickers.

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