CSF Pickup Orders - Devonazure Merch Order Form

  • Pickup merch orders for Creators Super Fest 2024  on 27-28 July in Singapore Expo Hall 3 at Neko Fingerprint‘s booth at E7. Refer to the map image for location.
  • No ready stock or purchase of my merch on the event (except my blind pack collab gacha). You can only book items to pick up in the booth on CSF days.
  • Booth location will be informed further through email.
  • Full payment via Paypal only or cash for orders 10SGD and below.
  • Scroll down for order form or click here if you have trouble viewing in this page.
  • For catalog, you can view it below (click to enlarge pictures) on in my Twitter / Instagram.
  • For further questions or merch booking, you can contact me on Twitter / Instagram for more info.
  • Merch sample pictures can be found here.
  • For Indonesia order form, refer to this page.