Genshin Hutao Ghost Night Lamp Review!

After a long wait, the Hu Tao Ghost night lamp I ordered has arrived! It’s a very adorable Genshin Impact official merchandise I ordered with my friend’s help. I want to share how cute it is! (I don’t really use night lamps, but seeing this cute Boo Tao lamp I just can’t resist it.)

Here’s a quick video showcasing how it looks like and in action:

So let’s get to talk more about the details!


Ta-da! Here’s the box packaging for the lamp!

The front side has the ghost’s face with plastics on the holes to peek a little inside. The sides have its arms, and the backside have the hat ribbon decorations and the specifications. On the bottom of the box there are some usage guidelines such as do not get it soaked with water, use the proper power adapter, reminding that the lamp inside cannot be replaced, and some more. The whole packaging text is written in Chinese.

It has adorable graphics at the top having the ghost singing the song from Hu Tao’s voiceline in Chinese (instead of the ‘Silly-churl, billy-churl’ tune, it was something like ‘Eldest Hilichurl fell ill, second Hilichurl looked after him, third Hilichurl gathers ingredients, fourth Hilichurl…’) – look at that cute ghost wearing Hilichurl mask!

Inside the lamp is safely secured with plastic case-like thing to secure it in place, and packed with the USB-to-micro USB charger cable.

Brightness and How to Use

How to activate the lamp? Tap on it! You can tap the head or the cheek or the butt, up to you whichever you fancy.

You can tap three times to make it go even brighter, and one more tap to turn it off. Don’t forget to turn on the power first at the bottom, and make sure the lamp is charged first.

(Look at that Boo Tao, shining brighter than my gacha luck.)

It should be noted that the Hu Tao ghost comes with a white lamp, personally I feel it’s too bright as a night lamp since I usually use a yellowish light that’s softer for my eyes.


It’s soft and squishy! The soft silicone material makes us able to squeeze the Boo Tao’s cheeks or tail. It’s not the hard case type. I could not seem to be able to take off the hat and I did not want to risk forcing it.

The hat has some nice touch similar to Hu Tao’s hat, with the simplified front piece, flower and ribbon decoration. The dark part of the hat catches on small white powdery dust things quite easily that makes it visible like some parts in the picture, but it doesn’t stick and can still just be wiped off so it’s still okay to see.

Size & Specs

The lamp’s size is 15 x 14,2 x 13,6 cm (5.9 x 5.6 x 5.4 in.). It’s not that big for sure, but still adorable. I do find it easy to place on my cluttered table.

The specification mentioned it’s a 5V, 1A, 2000 mAh lamp with max 1.4W. You can charge it using micro USB so it has no battery part. It arrived to me charged so I can start turning it on immediately with the power button at the bottom side of the lamp.

Ending Notes

For ordering, I had a friend help me to order it from Genshin store shipped from China, so it took awhile about a year until the item arrived to me. You can also check out proxy services in your location that can help you order it if you’re interested!

Overall I think it’s an adorable merchandise. It brightens my day (figuratively and literally – a little too much literally, for me, but still okay) – and I like it!

I like the ghost design and I’m happy to have a merch of it, since I felt I have too many plushies already so I like that this one is different and it looks good!

Extra – Some Fanart I Made Long Ago

I’ve been wanting the lamp since it first released, here is the Hu Tao fanart I drew on December 2021 about it, as I can imagine this lamp being one of Hu Tao’s Wangsheng funeral parlor marketing ideas:

Hope you enjoy this review of mine and get to enjoy looking at the cute Boo Tao lamp with me!

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