Gaming: ‘Delete After Reading: The Curse of Penguin Island’

Delete After Reading
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To start with a clarification first – ‘Delete After Reading’ is the title of the game, yes.

I’m thankful to had the opportunity to get a key for the game and tried it out, and it was an interesting experience to play the game!

The game is mostly a text-based adventure with some puzzles, so yes, you’ll have to do some reading to get context and instructions of what to do and there will be some blocks of text to scroll to.

The gameplay is pretty short, about 2,5 hours to complete on stream mixed in with chatting and getting a bit distracted here and there.

What got me interested in the game at first was it has unique mechanics that invite players to interact with the text, scroll up and down to find clues and click on different objects and words to solve the given puzzles.

The story is pretty light and family friendly to read. The writing reminds me of reading those children book adventure books, with the story of kids going on a heroic adventure saving the world with friends of supernatural powers theme.

The dialogs are fun to read, with interesting visuals to keep you company through the game even if it is mostly text narrative. The graphics are colorful and eye-catching, and the characters are fun and unique looking – from a cast of ghost girl with cute headphones, a goblin, and a talking rabbit, and more (Gotta say I’m sorry Tomate, I thought you’re a dog at first).

Premise of the story: your job is to ‘change destiny’ by sneaking your way to steal back a video game from a certain someone who kept the world famous game from The Curse of the Penguin Island series only to himself, so that way you can free the game and others can enjoy it too.

The puzzles are not overly difficult, and there are hints you can use. Some of them are pretty tricky or not as obvious to look for, but it’s still doable if you pay attention and check things thoroughly.

Some of the clues are based on audio, so make sure you keep the audio on – sometimes I need to repeat listening since there were no text version of the speech. Sadly I had to lower the volume of a certain character singing since it kept distracting me from the puzzle I have to read.

Many of the puzzles are in escape room style that you have to find certain number or shape combinations to open a lock, but there are enough variety of challenges to get the answers to keep me engaged. There’s a part I had to redo several times since the clue is only shown for a split second and changes every time though it surprised me (even if the text already warned me, still). For me, particularly I liked the puzzle about the shape symbols and letters, as it felt satisfying to solve.

Since the game is mostly text based, I got lost a bit when I had to navigate to different places back and forth as I have to click on the words and remember which page leads to which location, since there is no map or some kind and I have a poor sense of direction. Thankfully there are not so much branching options so clicking here and there eventually gets me back on track.

Without going much to spoiler, I was quite surprised that the last chapter was quite different from the others – there is a series of quick action with timer you need to do as opposed to puzzles without time limits in the previous chapters. If you fail once in the middle, you have to restart from the beginning again. Somehow it registered my clicks wrong sometimes, but I managed to get through after several tries and in a way, it makes things feel more intense to get to the ending.

To end this post with this – here’s a drawing I made for the main cast of the game! That’s the rabbit I was talking to you about.  

Overall, it’s a fun short game to play with an interesting concept of gameplay and a fun story to read. I’ll be interested to see more of this type of game and the possibilities to expand the type of puzzles and storytelling from this.

Hope this game can be enjoyable for you to try out as well! Stay tuned for updates of other games I’ll be trying out this year!

I’ll mostly be streaming on Twitch on weekly basis at night 9PM and above on GMT+7 timezone. I’m interested in other chill games like this as well, feel free to drop in your suggestions!

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